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Layaway Agreement

We offer Layaway for items you may want to reserve if you need some time to pay it in full. We will put the item aside for you as it is being paid for. Don't lose out on that product you love, take us up on our reasonable payment plan.

The full terms are listed below — available here also is the printable PDF form that you can fax to us or bring into the store.

Feel free to call us 831-621-3798 for any clarification needed


Layaway Agreement:

1. No partial pick-up or partial cancellations.
2. Mandatory payments are due every week or 2 weeks as agreed.
    Total number of payments are due within 60 days.
3. Layaway's which are delinquent in payments by more than 7-days may be cancelled by JBQAV by notifying the Buyer. There is no refund on items that are canceled by JBQAV.
4. A $50.00 down payment is required (or what is agreed on by you and JBQAV.) 
    Or 25% of total purchase, whichever is greater is due at the time of purchase.
5. All layaway's must be paid in full by 60 days.
6. Except where prohibited by law, there will be no price adjustments after 14-days from the layaway start date. Multiple price adjustments on the same item are not permitted. Price adjustments are not allowed on clearance merchandise.
7. By providing customer information and telephone number or e-mail address to JBQAV, you expressly agree that JBQAV may use those methods to contact you the buyer concerning my layaway purchase. You also agree that JBQAV and its affiliates may use this contact information for marketing messages that may be of interest to you.

You are entitled to a copy of this document at this time you sign; you may pay full balance due under this agreement at any time, you may cancel this agreement if you notify seller in person or by certified or registered mail within 10 calendar days after you sign the agreement excluding non-business hours and Holidays.

Unless full payment is made according to this agreement, merchandise will be returned to stock.